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Pupil Progress

Pupil Progress at Bredon Hill Academy


 ‘Teachers have high expectations and set challenging work so that students made rapid progress in lessons. 

Ofsted March 2015


In September 2017, pupil attainment, achievement and progress continue to be central to our school ethos.  We are proud of our pupil outcomes and the outstanding progress that the vast majority of our pupils make from entry in Year 6 to their exit in Year 8.  This outstanding progress is shown in the tables below.

Pupil progress at Bredon Hill Academy can only be judged from when pupils join us in Year 6 to when they leave for high school at the end of Year 8.  The DfE assess pupil progress from KS1 (at the end of Year 2) to KS2 (at the end of Year 6).  Clearly, using this data to measure pupil progress at Bredon Hill creates difficulties when pupils do not start until Year 6 and will have completed the majority of their KS2 studies at first schools.  This is not a fair method of judging pupil progress when three quarters of the KS2 curriculum is not covered at our school. 

The National Middle Schools’ Forum recognise the unfairness of this system as 75% of the progress measure the DfE uses relates to Years 3, 4 and 5, when pupils are not attending Bredon Hill Academy.  Furthermore, the DfE takes no account of pupil progress in Years 7 and 8 (KS3).  The National Middle School’s Forum is challenging the DfE regarding this issue. 

Ofsted are aware of the problem and are aware of the need to judge middle schools from entry to exit, in our case from Year 6 to the end of Year 8.

Bredon Hill Academy uses robust assessment tests, which are externally marked, benchmarked, moderated and validated.  This provides reliable information on the progress our pupils make during their three years at Bredon Hill Academy.  The quality of this data has been corroborated by Ofsted and the DfE and is acknowledged as a credible mechanism to measure pupil progress.


Progress of students leaving BHA in July 2017


Progress data only available from end of year 7 to end of year 8.

First full cohort with entry to exit data will be available in summer 2018



Progress from summer 2016 to summer 2017

  Number of Students Expected Progress Above Expected Progress
All Students 137 93% 12%
Males 66 89% 8%
Females 71 96% 15%
FSM 5 100% 0%
Non FSM 132 92% 12%
SEN 8 88% 0%
Non SEN 129 93% 12%
Escalator Group 13 92% 23%
PP 15 93% 13%
Not PP 122 93% 11%
Low Prior Attainment 47 89% 11%
Middle Prior Attainment 54 96% 15%
High Prior Attainment 31 94% 3%



Progress from summer 2016 to summer 2017

  Number of Students Expected Progress Above Expected Progress
All Students 136 79% 15%
Males 67 81% 10%
Females 69 78% 19%
FSM 4 50% 25%
Non FSM 132 80% 14%
SEN 8 63% 13%
Non SEN 128 80% 15%
Escalator Group 12 92% 8%
PP 13 77% 0%
Not PP 123 80% 16%
Low Prior Attainment 46 83% 9%
Middle Prior Attainment 53 70% 6%
High Prior Attainment 32 91% 34%