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Our Curriculum

‘We understand new things in the context of what we already know.’ 
Daniel Willingham   

‘Learning Together for Success’ is the core purpose of everything we do at Bredon Hill Academy.  Throughout Years 6, 7 and 8, we offer a broad, balanced and enriching curriculum, which is inclusive and meets statutory requirements.  Our curriculum is designed to be progressive and build on previous learning, which supports our pupils to ‘know more, do more and remember more’ and prepares them for the next stage of their education. 

At Bredon Hill Academy, we have a strong social, moral, spiritual and cultural ethos, which helps prepare the pupils for life in the modern world. Our core values of Belief, Honesty and Aspiration underpin everything we do within and outside the classroom. 

Our curriculum, combined with our extra-curricular opportunities, supports our pupils to become:  

  • Successful learners, who are naturally curious.  

  • Confident individuals who are able to live safe and healthy lives.  

  • Well-rounded young people, prepared for the next stage of their education.  

  • Individuals with the knowledge, skills and understanding which will equip them for experiences later in life.  

  • Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to our society.  

Bredon Hill Academy adopts a secondary curriculum model in all year groups where there are, in the main, specialist teachers in specialist classrooms.  Curriculum time is organised so that, whilst there is still a focus on core subjects, this is not at the expense of other national curriculum subjects.  Each curriculum leader has designed programmes of study which are sequenced, cumulative and facilitate a progression of skills, knowledge and understanding. As pupils move through the three years, they are challenged, supported and prepared for the next stages of their learning journey.   

Reading and reading for pleasure are prioritised across the school and are seen as the foundation stone to learning.  The importance of reading and comprehension are promoted by all staff.  On entry, pupils are screened using GLs and the FFT Aspire programme and those with a reading age below their chronological age are supported through quality first wave teaching and more bespoke interventions such as Reading Buddies, Dyslexia Gold. 

Our curriculum is equitable for all - pupils with identified needs are supported within timetabled lessons, enabling them to access the full curriculum, maximise their progress, whilst also developing the core skills of resilience and perseverance.   

At Bredon Hill Academy, the range of extra-curricular opportunities is intrinsic to our school ethos.  We offer a wide spectrum of clubs, including sport, music, creativity and STEM.  Throughout the year, there are an array of visits, guest speakers, workshops and presentations designed to support our curriculum delivery, but also to enrich pupils’ lives/experiences and provide long-lasting memories of their education.   

As part of our commitment to support pupils’ well-being and personal development and equip them for life beyond Bredon Hill Academy, we have established a successful Enrichment Programme for all KS3 pupils which runs for one afternoon every fortnight.  Enrichment provides an opportunity for pupils to extend their learning beyond the National Curriculum. Our programme covers a wide range of learning opportunities including dance, photography, global issues, wellbeing and first aid. 

Pupils leave Bredon Hill Academy with the essential knowledge and skills needed to support them as they continue their learning journey through high school and to enable them to take advantage of the opportunities and experiences they encounter later in life. 

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