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Geography at Bredon Hill Academy

Geography is a wide and varied subject that has something that will appeal to every student. The curriculum lets students learn about people and their societies, economies, cultures and the environment. They will also learn and develop a wide range of skills.

Year 6 – Topics:

The UK and map skills. This unit allows students to learn basic geography using maps of the world, Europe and the British Isles. This is followed by an introduction to map reading using Ordnance Survey maps.

The Local and Global Environment. This unit allows students to examine the world at different scales, looking at the local area and examining the impact of global environmental issues on it as well as what people do to influence changes in the environment.

Water and Rivers. Here the students learn about how rivers work using the River Nile as an example. This is followed by examining how water is used and where it comes from. Students discover what a precious resource water is.

Assessment: Teacher assessment will take place throughout the course and regular assessment tasks will be set and marked.

Year 7 – Topics:

Settlements and Shopping. This unit allows students to study the local area and the places found in it. Which places were most popular for people to live and why was this? Why are some settlements larger than others? They will study the places they live in and compare it to Pershore. A fieldtrip to Pershore to collect data will be included in this unit.

Coasts. A unit of physical geography that shows students how to identify coastal features and how they were formed. Do coastlines change and can this affect people? They will create a detailed tourist brochure about a section of the Dorset coastline.

Weather and Extreme Weather. Students will examine how the weather that we all moan about occurs and how we measure and observe it. They will find out how amazing and dangerous the weather can be by looking at extreme weather events around the world.

Industry, Farming and the Environment. This unit explores different types of industries and the variety of jobs that people do and how this can affect the environment. Students will find out about farming in the UK and play a decision making game where they are put in charge of their own farm.

Assessment. Teacher assessment will take place throughout the course and regular assessment tasks will be set and marked.‚Äč

Year 8 – Topics:

World map skills including the Middle East. Students learn and reinforce where oceans, continents and countries are.

Ecosystems. In this unit students will find out more about the variety of natural landscapes found in our world. They will find out what an ecosystem is and how people can affect them. Finally, students will carry out their own independent research study on a biome of their choice.

Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Which of these are the most destructive? Here students will find out about the phenomenal natural forces that have shaped our planet and how they cause earthquakes and volcanoes. They will learn about the changes that our planet has undergone and how natural disasters affect people around the world.

China: What is China like and how has it changed? Students are able to find out about the people and places in this fascinating country.

Glaciation: In this unit students discover how ice has changed Earth’s landscape and learn to recognize some common features made by ice.

Assessment. Teacher assessment will take place throughout the course and regular assessment tasks will be set and marked.