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Year 7

Task 1 – Healthy meal for my family

(This activity should take several hours to complete).

Use your knowledge of healthy eating (from the healthy bodies’ topic and diet and digestion topic) to:

  • Plan a healthy meal – you can use recipe books and the internet to find recipes.

  • Make the meal with your family.
  • Take a photo or draw the meal and analyse the nutritional content – label the main nutrients contained in the foods (you can look at food packaging and the internet to help) and why the nutrients are important for the body.

  • Get feedback from your family – did they enjoy your meal?
  • How could your meal be adapted for someone who wanted to reduce the fat in their diet?
  • What skills have you used to plan, make and analyse your meal? (What science and food skills did you use? Have you used any additional skills?).
  • Evaluate your meal – what went well? Even better if?


Task 2 – Atoms, elements and compounds

Complete the questions using prior knowledge – then use websites to help.

Complete the word search after answering the questions.


Task 3 – Forces

  1. Distance-Time graph activity – cut out the graphs and descriptions. Match the correct graph and description and stick them onto paper.
  2. Complete the ‘Changing Speed’ sheet.


Task attached below in Word and PDF Format