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Year 7

Health and Fitness

Try to carry out one 15 min workout at least three times a week. Take your heart rate at the start and at the end:

What do you notice about your heart rate?

Why is this?






Search the Body Coach TV on YouTube for further ideas.



Create a netball information booklet that could be passed to a current Year 5 pupil. Include rules, tactics and positions.

Use the internet to search for a recent netball match (try and find a junior game if you can). Select a player to watch and evaluate their performance (what are their strengths, what are their areas for improvement?)



After Easter we will be doing an athletics unit. We will start with activities on the track and then move to field events.

List as many field events as you can find.

Choose one of these field events and create a mind map. Include – skills, techniques, rules, British athletes that take part in this event, when it was invented and how, apparatus or equipment required, the current world record.