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Music at Bredon Hill includes a wide variety of musical styles and topics. Through the four key skill areas of; performing, composing, listening and appraising, pupils become involved in the language and literature of music. The Music department has regard for the very wide range of musical ability of pupils entering the school and seeks to provide each pupil with an equally full, challenging and rewarding experience.

Below are the topics studied in each year:

Year 6

  • ‘Peter and the Wolf’ – understanding the elements of music and instruments of the orchestra
  • Voice Works & the Year 6 Production – singing with confidence and control
  • Rhythm and Pulse – the way in which music is written
  • ‘Carnival of the Animals’ – music which depicts an image


Year 7

  • Carmina Burana; ‘O Fortuna’ – understanding the sound of different intervals, introducing harmony
  • From Scales to Tunes – what is needed for successful melody writing
  • Reggae Music – exploring the sound of Jamaican reggae
  • Variations – exploring ways to develop musical ideas
  • Gamelan – exploring the sound of Indonesian music


Year 8

  • Compound Composition – the way in which 3/8 or 6/8 time signatures are used
  • Samba Rhythms – music which highlights the sound of Latin America
  • Heroes and Villains – music to accompany a heroic or villainous character
  • Pop Song Writing – a genre of music which has developed throughout the decades


Teacher assessment takes place throughout the year across the four key skill areas. Pupils will work both individually and as members of a group to develop performances and compositions. Pupils are encouraged to use their own instruments in class when appropriate. 


Extra-curricular work is regarded as an extension of work in the classroom giving many pupils the opportunity to further their musical interests through choral and instrumental work. The school supports a big band, vocal groups, Samba club and jazz group as well as a music club for help with music homework. Practice rooms can be booked for further practice at lunchtimes. Individuals and groups perform in assemblies, school concerts, productions and workshops and also in joint ventures with other schools. It is the policy of the school to encourage pupils to take part in the extra-curricular music groups.

Each week peripatetic instrumental staff from Severn Arts visit the school to teach violin, guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, piano, drums and cello. Pupils interested in learning to play a musical instrument should speak to their class music teacher.