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Food Technology

Year 8

Planning and designing a ‘Three Course Meal’

Learning objective: To plan, design, make and evaluate a ‘3 Course Meal’ on a theme of your choice.

Imagine that you are going to open a new restaurant in Evesham. You will need to think of a name for your restaurant and decide what food you will specialise in.

  1. Decide on a name for your restaurant.
  2. Pick a theme (Italian, British, and Mexican etc.)
  3. Research and mind map, record on plain paper or computer generated, different foods that you could make based on your theme.
  4. Decide on 1 dish to make at home: Starter, main or dessert. Take a photograph of your dish. List the key skills demonstrated.
  5. Write up your recipe neatly onto lined paper.
  6. Design a menu for your meal incorporating your theme.
  7. Create an invitation or advert to attract people to your restaurant.
  8. Work out how much your dish would cost to make and how much you would charge customers so that you would make a profit. (Look up individual ingredients on or similar to work out costs of quantities based on your recipe.)


Complete as much of this as you can.

Once you have made your dish, think about What went well and what you could improve if you had to make the dish again.