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Year 8 Students – One hour four times a week.

  1. To read for sixty minutes a day.
  2. To research, make notes and produce a mind-map of specific Shakespeare play using the following links. Mrs Oakley’s 8Y ‘The Tempest’ , Mr Timpson’s group ‘Twelfth Night’   , Mrs Bartlett, Mrs Parkinson and Mrs Matthews’ groups ‘The Merchant of Venice’ .

Mrs Merrick’s group to research the life of Michael Morpurgo and background to World War 1 and life in Britain

  1. To create a leaflet showing the characters, plot and ideas presented in the play/novel to teach Year 7 about one Shakespeare play in detail.  Mrs Merrick’s group to do the same about Morpurgo and World War 2.
  2.  To create a reading journal page for a chapter read from a novel or based on a non-fiction article they have read.
  3. To revise knowledge using
  4. Freewriting for twenty to thirty minutes.

Year 8: To read 'The War of the Worlds' and/or 'Moby Dick' and /or 'Emma'