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Year 6 Students - One hour five times a week.

  1. To read for thirty minutes every day.
  2. To work through SATs book provided by school – fifteen minutes a day.
  3. To complete a word of the week sheet for one of the Year 5-6 words not already covered (Students have sheets in their SATs books. PDF of the sheet will be on SMHW or you can make your own.
  4. To spend thirty minutes on PiXL Vocabulary App twice a week – school ID BH6393.
  5. To create a reading journal page for a chapter read from your novel or based on a non-fiction article you have read.
  6. To revise knowledge for fifteen minutes a day using
  7. Freewriting for twenty minutes.

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Year 6: To read  'Alice In Wonderland' and/or 'Oliver Twist'