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The new ‘Computing’ curriculum was launched by the department in September 2015 to enhance the pupils experience and understanding of technology. The new curriculum covers six main topics which consist of ‘Algorithms’, ‘Programming and Development’, ‘Data and Data Representation’, ‘Hardware and Processing’, ‘Communication and Networks’ and the traditional ‘Information Technology’.


The curriculum is cross curricular so pupils are able to apply skills learnt in other subjects such as ‘Science’ and ‘Mathematics’ and identify how these skills are transferable between subject lessons.


The class work will involve the creation of new apps, digital adverts, websites, animations (both ‘2D’ and ‘3D’), the use of a ‘Minecraft’ environment for the completion of a major project, as well as a theoretical understanding of how the technology works and the impact of this technology upon society, to highlight just a few key areas.


The ‘Computing’ department in ‘IT1’ offers a ‘Minecraft’ club on a Monday lunch-time, ‘Gaming’ club on a Tuesday lunch time and you can use the room any lunch-time to improve or catch up on your class work.


The department is looking forward to embracing new technology in the coming months such as virtual reality, text based programming and the use of micro-bits, which will continue to challenge pupils in order for them to reach their true potential, whilst delivering a varied and bespoke curriculum in order to meet all the pupils varied learning needs.