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Our Art curriculum develops the ability for a range of thinking skills, from analytical, reflective, logical and imaginative.  Over their time at BHA, pupils are given opportunities and encouraged to become independent learners in this field, increasing in their confidence to use a range of materials and techniques to express themselves and find their artistic voice.


Year 6

Making a glazed Ceramic pot

Looking at the natural world of plant life and exploring it through tonal and colour observations (2B & 4B pencils, Oil Pastels), developing creative, decorative pattern work and applying this to ceramics translating their floral designs into textural relief work.


Illustrating a book

Understanding colour theory through ready mixed paint. Decoding a composition of a book illustration.  Redesigning the cover of a published novel of their choice.  Using watercolours and pen and ink.


Year 7 

Moving figures painting

Initially pupils master various complex concepts linked to drawing, proportion and measuring skills, depth, light and shade and perspective.  Pupils generate a dramatic story to draw and paint incorporating all the skills and concepts explored to produce a narrative piece in ready mixed paint.


Skills Consolidation

Pupils will have a series of tasks set, designed to improve their basic skills and awareness of concepts that will support future work.


Year 8

Self portrait

Pupils are given many ways to tackle this challenge in a series of practical sessions, including working from a grid.  Use of colour for expression and tonal values is explored.  A painted self portrait is also created in the style of their chosen great artist.  This project is supported through an optional London Art Gallery trip to The National Gallery and Tate Modern in early November.


Individual project

Pupils begin to prepare for their individual project through a series of investigative lessons and key homework’s. The project is a major undertaking, supported by lunchtime clubs. Pupils are encouraged to produce highly meaningful work in an original way.  Using three distinct sources of visual information: a great artist, period in history and a theme/hobby.  Pupils use the art materials in any combination.  Developing research materials during the Autumn Term, they start developing their own project brief as they produce a series of experimental work in the Spring Term, making sure they are able to communicate meaning through their work.  Pupils start to set their own homework, linking to the needs of their individual project and plan their own lesson time tasks.



Years 7 and 8 also have the opportunity to take part in Art Enrichment workshops, whole afternoon sessions where pupils can opt for, on a termly basis.  It is a two year cycle, and an experimental zone for developing alternative ways of delivering the art experience for the department.  We are currently ‘Painting like a different artist’ each time and will start our ‘Garden Sculpture’ project, next term.


Pupils' work builds a picture of their skills and understanding over time, flagship projects are designed to give pupils the opportunity to apply all their have learnt and practised, culminating in summative assessments.