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Red Nose Day at BHA

A Bredon Hill Red Nose Moment


Our grand total for Red Nose day is £252.32. Thank you for all who donated to the barrel and to our cake sale last week. 


At the beginning of today’s assembly, many pupils spontaneously came to the front of the hall and put coins in our Red Nose barrel with no prompts from staff. Thank you all for your generosity. 

A special thank you to the Year 8 pupils who baked delicious cakes and biscuits raising an amazing £154.50.

Mrs Dunkley’s ‘best’ Red Nose joke:

What did the 0 say to the 8?

Nice belt!

Thank you also to Mr Firth whose red nose squeaked every time Miss West said ‘Red Nose Day’!

We will announce our final total for Red Nose Day next week when we count our barrel. Our Red Nose barrel will be there until Monday lunchtime.

Thank you.