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Woodland Trust Visit BHA

The Enrichment gardening and nature studies group have been investigating our school grounds. We started by identifying the range of tree species in our wildlife area and perimeter, and understanding the water sources which flow through the site as part of our newt rescue project.

We then carried out a comparison study in our local woods with the knowledgeable assistance of a representative from the Woodland Trust who joined our exploration on a beautifully sunny afternoon. 

With the help of our visitor we were able to identify some of the huge range of plants, fungi, birds, animals and insects we found. We recorded the tracks of deer and other animals, listened to small birds singing and buzzards screeching, and found evidence of an incredible range of biodiversity. We tiptoed through poisonous toadstools, and found important species including ancient elm trees and crested newts.

Our Woodland trust visitor kindly left lots of helpful identification guides and other materials to help us in our work towards the Woodland trust platinum award.

Click here to see our picture gallery of the day