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Erasmus+ Arts and Crafts Day

As part  of Year 3 of our Erasmus Project ‘Let Us grow Our Own Green Future’ with our partner school MMS in St-Michael in Austria, we are looking at ways to deliver a range of arts and craft workshops where pupils can develop new skills in areas which are not currently covered in our curriculum.

Still looking at our school garden and our natural environment for inspiration, our pupils were engaged in a wide range of very creative and skilful workshops. From leaf printing to creating Mandalas on slices of wood, imaginary flowers in clay and Trees of Life in the style of Gustav Klimt, our pupils have developed their fine motor skills, improving their control and their hand-eye coordination. Taking our inspiration from the Art Nouveau artist Gustav Klimt, the architect Hundertwasser, and the Lost Words, our pupils have learnt to value, appreciate various artefacts and images across cultures and times, and have been able to reflect about the preservation of our heritage and the one of our Austrian partner school.

By engaging in the creative pursuits of crafts and artistic activities, our pupils got the opportunity to express themselves in a positive, tangible and meaningful way. Participating with others on these workshops gave pupils the chance to interact with others while sharing common interests. These craft opportunities helped instil a sense of achievement and pride in the pupils, boosting their self-confidence. The atmosphere during this exciting cross-curricular day atmosphere in the school was of mindfulness, as the pupils were thoroughly engaged and focused in their respective creations.

Finally, our pupils have gained an awareness of the types of careers where craft skills are important and it has enabled them to broaden their horizons in terms of opportunities that are available to them.