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8 Brook raise funds for Africa

8 Brook have been very busy raising £100 from their "lucky dips"

With the £100 that they have raised they are helping fund the purchase of a pair of goats from a family in Africa in partnership with Oxfam. The family will be also given training on how to look after these goats, and how to use these to grow their family business. These goats will go on to provide milk, manure and then further goats to allow them to grow their business whilst learning at the same time. Further funding means that they have also chosen to fund a bore hole to be drilled to provide clean water for up to 50 people. 

These 2 projects were chosen by the form groups themselves. Well done to all in 8 Brook and thank you to Mrs Foley for helping them with the project. 

We will update the progress of this project during the year. 

For more information click here to see the Oxfam site