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Summer Reading Bingo 2018

Year 6 and 7 Pupils are invited to take part in the Summer Reading Bingo Challenge.

Pupils will need to give the completed Bingo form to their English teacher in September and will receive a raffle ticket and house point for each book they have read over the summer. Those who complete a full house will gain 10 extra raffle tickets for the draw. 

Why do we have a Summer Reading Bingo Challenge?

It is fun: it helps you to read different books that you might not read otherwise and reading over the summer is one of the best ways to keep intellectually fit. Reading makes you smarter – not just in English but every subject!

How do I show that I’ve read the books?

Write the title and author in the box on the reverse of the card and a short review. English teachers will do random questioning of pupils to see what they think of the books read.

What if the books fit more than one category?

Each book can only be counted for one category. You will have to read different books for different categories.

What if I lose my Summer Reading Bingo Card?

You can download one from the link below.

When do you finish the Summer Reading Challenge?

You have until 14th September to hand in your card to your English teacher.

Can I read a book I have already read?

Yes but you must re-read it over the summer.

What if I read only one book?

Still hand in your bingo card, as even one ticket might mean you are a winner.

See the bingo sheet attached below