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Year 8 Netball Match - Report

The Year 8 A netball team played Chipping Camden School on Thursday 8th February. When we arrived, we were all looking forward to the competition ahead. We had previously beaten Chipping Camden but knew they were our toughest competitors.

The match started with some great goals from both sides and, whilst evenly matched, we were confident that we’d be able to secure a win. However, the opposition soon began to get the upper hand, through tight defence, which meant our shooters couldn’t receive the ball as often as they had at the start. By half time we were 8-6 down. 

Nevertheless, we remained positive and believed a win could still be possible. Tightening our defence (to match theirs) in the third quarter, we saw the goal difference reduce. Whilst our passing was accurate, we were unable to get in front of their defence and drive into space. This, as well as the opposition’s ability to gain possession from rebounds, meant the match finished 20-14 to them.

As a team, we were gutted as this was our first defeat of the season. Despite this, we played to the best of our ability and I think we should be proud of our performance. Also, the experience allowed us to see our areas for improvement before the District Tournament on Wednesday 7th March .

Squad: Charlie Young - GK, Emma Price - GD (C), Coco Sanger-Davies - WD, Annie Sime - C, Megan Davies - WA, Lottie Gilderson - GA, Abi Pearce - GS. 

Player of the Match: Annie Sime

Bredon Hill Academy vs Chipping Campden

Congratulations to Annie Sime, for Player of the Match. This was well deserved as she showed quick movement, continuously offered for the ball and drove play forward towards goal. Well done!
By Emma Price 8T

This week’s netball match didn't go as well as last weeks but it doesn't matter because we tried our best.

The weather conditions were better this week as the floors weren't as wet. The floors might not of been wet this week but it sure was cold so we all wrapped up in warm layers to keep focused on the games.

Chipping Campden played very well with their A team winning, meaning Bredon Hill Academy's A team lost 16-20 with their player of the match being Annie. The B team however won 17-4 with Maddie and Evie being players of the match. The girls played very well this week and should be proud to represent this amazing school.

Sasha L.