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Match Report - BHA vs St Johns

Report on Rugby Match - BHA vs St Johns

The rugby match was held at Bredon Hill Academy. The weather conditions were freezing cold but the ground was really good for a rugby match. BHA won the toss and we decided to kick.

When the team arrived, we were all really intimidated by the size of them and they had some trash talk before the game. At the start of the match we kept making silly mistakes and they scored a couple of tries in the first few minutes. Then we started to learn from our mistakes. Jackson was making some outstanding tackles to stop the opposition scoring any more tries. Matt made some rough tackles also. The score at the end of the first half was 35-0 to St Johns.

After the whistle blew for half time we went into the middle of the pitch with our drinks. Mr Sheridan gave us a very inspiring team talk.

When we got started again, Jack did a very good catch to push us forward and we rucked over the ball. In the second half we made an outstanding difference and we kept getting closer to the try line. Sadly, one of our strongest players Josh got a neck injury which meant we had to bring Jaden back on.

Overall, we all thought the team did very well but it was an unlucky result. Sadly, it might be our last game of the season.

By Jack Wilson and Max Moulder