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Information Regarding SATs Results

Information for Year 7 Parents regarding last years SATs results. 

Dear parents/carers,


You will have received an updated copy of your child’s SATs results. I hope that the following information will help you to understand the different results:


Students receive two different sets of results. The first set of result are from the SAT papers completed in May. This is where your child will have a result showing them if they have achieved the expected standard or not, along with a score. A score of 100+ shows that your child has met the national benchmark. This score is calculated by how many marks your child achieves on the test. In these exams, it is possible for students to achieve the national standard even if they do not fully understand all the areas tested in the SATs papers. They only need to reach a certain mark to achieve the national standard.


The second result is a teacher judgement on where we assess each student against a set of criteria published by the government. We must ensure that we have evidence that each student has successfully demonstrated a clear understanding of all the criteria in order to award the expected standard grade. Unfortunately, we must be very strict with these assessments.


If you would like any more information, then please feel free to contact me




Jonathan Firth

Assistant Headteacher