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French Trip 2018 - Day 4

Aujourd’hui, on a beaucoup dégusté de bonnes spécialités françaises. On s’est vraiment régalés!

En premier: le marché d’Alençon. 

“This afternoon we visited a goat farm. It was the best day we have had yet. There were so many goats and they had a lot of names like Munch (who did a demonstration on how to milk and how to care for them) and Igloo.” Freya 

“ Today was so fun! We went to a town market and the atmosphere was great! There were so many stalls and lots of things to buy. We then went to a goat farm. We had an introduction on what the farm was about and how many goats there were. Then we went to see the goats and we brushed them and stroked them. Some of us were the chosen to go up to a goat called Munch and we milked them and tried the milk fresh and it was so nice!!!” Martha 

Et finalement, on a acheté beaucoup de bonbons au supermarché!