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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)


“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” Nelson Mandela

The study of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) is an important part of the curriculum at Bredon Hill Middle School.  All pupils in the school study French, and during lesson time, they have access to a wide range of resources. All of the teaching staff within the department are committed and enthusiastic and there is a communicative and practical approach to language teaching.


All pupils are taught all four skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing and each of these skill areas are practised and assessed on a regular basis. There is a positive and innovative approach to target language teaching and also teaching pupils to use the language for their own purposes. At BHMS, teachers of MFL want to promote a more spontaneous use of the target language.


MFL also aims at developing the awareness of our pupils of what lies behind a different language, enhancing the richness and the diversity of different culture by using authentic resources as well as making links with pupils from different countries. We have been running three different eTwinning projects with school in France and Sweden and are looking for new partners in Europe.



In Year Six, pupils have three lessons per fortnight where they are introduced to the language and develop or reinforce the basic topics and language skills.

In Year Seven, pupils have four lessons a fortnight and cover sports and hobbies, places in town, school and food whilst learning how to become more confident with the language, adapting and developing the language with use of opinions, connectives, time phrases, all of that in the present tense.

Year Eight pupils also have four lessons a fortnight and cover various topics such as shopping and holidays and school topics whilst developing a deeper understanding of grammar points, including three different tenses.


German and Spanish


Our KS3 pupils have the opportunity to learn two new languages in addition to French.

In year 7, pupils have one lesson a week of Spanish and Year 8 pupils have one lesson a week of German.

In these two new languages, pupils learn the basic information about themselves and others, including age, families and pets.  They also find out about different cultural festivals.


Useful Website  

Colourful, fun and great practice for Years 6, 7 and 8.

Please ask your French teacher for our school login so that you can access these handy activities at home. Fancy a challenge? Have a go at the Spanish, German or Italian sections of the website!


French Trip

Each year, we organise a French Trip to Normandy for our Year 7s. Typically, over half the year group take part, experiencing such language activities as visiting a typical French market, competing to produce a meal, following a town trail and the visit of our partner school where pupils get to meet their penpals as well as visiting places of cultural and historical interest. ( See our last French trip presentation.)

More information on our next French trip will be released soon.